Justice Speaks: Be a Light in the Darkness

          From live music to moving messages, the first annual Justice Speaks benefit – 

Be a Light in the Darkness – clearly depicted the heart of the organization from 

beginning to end.  When Justice Speaks began, founder Sharon Ngai’s heart

was simple and pure – to see human trafficking eradicated.  She began with 

prayer walks through Koreatown, which is peppered with brothels and massage 

parlors, and prayer meetings where she gathered other likeminded people to 

contend against this revolting reality of young girls being sold for sex. It has been 

incredible to see that just a few years later Ngai has partnered with renowned 

organizations like In-N-Out and Hanmi Bank as well as influential singer-

songwriters in the entertainment industry like Isaiah Smith, Lauren Evans, and

Shari Short - artists featured on the Radiant EP released October 2015. This 

event was a culmination of both the prayers and the hard work it took to make 

Justice Speaks a reality.  This benefit marked the culmination of the development

stage of Justice Speaks and the launch of greater endeavors in the fight against

human trafficking. 


          Sharon Ngai set the tone for the benefit with stories of the harsh reality of both 

the international and domestic sex trade as well as testimonies of hope. She 

juxtaposed the plight of young girls being trafficked in South Central with the 

preventative work with at risk children in Thailand. Although the epidemic may

often seem insurmountable, Ngai sees the glimmer of freedom that shines for

these young ones and her role to play. She has not and will not give up in her 

fight to end human trafficking until every resource she has is exhausted and 

every ounce of her is poured out. It was with this same zeal and fervor that she 

announced that this year will be the year that Justice Speaks partners with law 

enforcement agencies to rescue girls out of the sex trade! 

           The keynote speaker for the evening was Lynsi Ellingson, president and owner of 

In-N-Out.  She shared her heart of compassion and justice through personal 

anecdotes and through a declaration of Isaiah 61, a passage that speaks to the 

righteousness and justice of God. It spoke directly to the vision of Justice

Speaks, which is to see girls rescued from human trafficking.


          Vikki and C.G. Kum, president of Hanmi Bank and long time partners of Justice 

Speaks, championed this cause to all the guests at the event calling them to 

partner with Justice Speaks in a variety of ways whether through finances, 

advocacy, or volunteering. Desiring to see human trafficking eliminated in 

Koreatown, the Kum’s are grateful for labor of Justice Speaks in that area over 

the years. 

          This benefit brought together heads of corporations, musicians, and advocates - 

people from differing fields but with the same burning desire to see the human 

trafficking industry demolished. What will you do?  Where is your sphere of 

influence?  You don’t need to be a Grammy-nominated artist, president of a 

prominent corporation, or staff of a non-profit organization to make a difference. 

Ask yourself what your role is exactly where you are and with the resources you

have and go out and be a difference maker, world changer, and justice


“The Justice Speaks fundraiser was an elegant and inspiring event! Witnessing

the vision and impact that the organization has had on numerous lives in the U.S. 

and in Thailand was touching. Founder, Sharon Ngai's passion and commitment

gave a voice to the voiceless. This worthy cause is worth getting behind.” 

- Danita Patterson, CEO, Destiny Unlimited, Inc. and Founder of Destiny



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