Los Angeles

California is listed as one of the top 3 states for Human Trafficking activity in the Nation. 

3 of the ten worst child sex trafficking cities in the United States are in California: Los Angeles being one of them. 

Los Angeles is a major hub for human trafficking - with proximity to 3 major ports (Los Angeles, Long Beach & San Pedro), the southern border to Mexico, and is a major interstate corridor.

how we are DIRECTLY combatING Human Trafficking in Los Angeles:

Through Outreach:
We tangibly reach women trapped in L.A’s Sex Industry with love, support & resources.

Through Education:
Our annual Justice Conference equips & brings awareness to local college students to become change agents for justice.

Through Prevention:
Students4Justice is a Prevention Curriculum written for Middle School students aimed at shifting mindsets on exploitation, pornography and slavery.

Through Collaboration:
Partnering with local businesses to combat sex trafficking i’m M.A.D.
Partnering with Creatives on Script Writing and Film Content on Human Trafficking films.

Our goal is to open a rescue center for minors rescued from trafficking right here in Los Angeles.




Since 2010, Justice Speaks has impacted Thousands of women and children affected by Thailand’s sex Trade

Through Outreach :
Women trapped in the sex industry reached with an opportunity to learn English, and receive emotional & spiritual support.

Through Prevention:
Justice Speaks annual School Camps has reached thousands of at-risk children targeted for Thailand’s sex trade. At-Risk Children for trafficking are SAFE at our established Children's Center in Pattaya, Thailand- a city notorious for child-trafficking.

Through Cultural Reform:
Along with our partnership with Bridges to the Nations, we are redefining cultural mindsets of slavery, exploitation, and healthy family through educating a new generation. Over 70 children are impacted weekly at our Children’s Center.



Raising International Awareness

Our goal is to empower a generation to be a voice for justice.

We welcome invitations to bring awareness & training to schools, conferences and faith-based events. Our founder, Sharon Ngai, has been honored to speak on Sex-Trafficking and Pornography at the United Nations.

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