Los Angeles

California is listed as one of the top 3 states for Human Trafficking activity in the Nation. 

3 of the ten worst child sex trafficking cities in the United States are in California: Los Angeles being one of them. 

Los Angeles is a major hub for human trafficking - with proximity to 3 major ports (Los Angeles, Long Beach & San Pedro), the southern border to Mexico, it is a major interstate corridor and it is a the hub for the porn industry.

how we are DIRECTLY combatING Human Trafficking in Los Angeles:

Through Outreach:
We tangibly reach women trapped in L.A’s Sex Industry with love, support & resources.

Through Education:
Our annual Justice Conference equips & brings awareness to local college students to become change agents for justice.

Through Prevention:
Students4Justice is a Prevention Curriculum written for Middle School students aimed at shifting mindsets on exploitation, pornography and slavery.

Through Collaboration:
Partnering with local businesses to combat sex trafficking i’m M.A.D.
Partnering with Creatives on Script Writing and Film Content on Human Trafficking films.

Our goal is to open a rescue center for minors rescued from trafficking right here in Los Angeles.




Since 2010, Justice Speaks has impacted Thousands of women and children affected by Thailand’s sex Trade

Through Outreach :
Women trapped in the sex industry reached with an opportunity to learn English, and receive emotional & spiritual support.

Through Prevention:
Justice Speaks annual School Camps has reached thousands of at-risk children targeted for Thailand’s sex trade. At-Risk Children for trafficking are SAFE at our established Children's Center in Pattaya, Thailand- a city notorious for child-trafficking.

Through Cultural Reform:
Along with our partnership with Bridges to the Nations, we are redefining cultural mindsets of slavery, exploitation, and healthy family through educating a new generation. Over 70 children are impacted weekly at our Children’s Center.

 Our Goal is to send even more girls through our Recently launched scholarship program- a program to send the girls that are going to be sent into sex work to trade school and apprenticeships.




Our newest project, The Hugs Center was launched in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2018!

Already, hundreds of children in this neighboring region have been impacted through outreach conducted by our team on the ground in Nepal. The children at risk in this region have suffered dire poverty with many who have already contracted HIV from sexual exploitation. There is much to be done, and many lives to reach. TOGETHER we can make an impact and bring HOPE to these beautiful children whose lives are being transformed by our presence in Nepal. 


Raising International Awareness

Our goal is to empower a generation to be a voice for justice.

We welcome invitations to bring awareness & training to schools, conferences and faith-based events. Our founder, Sharon Ngai, has been honored to speak on Sex-Trafficking and Pornography at the United Nations.

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