speaking out for those who can't

OUR VISION | to empower a generation of change agents, end sexual exploitation
and see worldwide justice for the oppressed.

OUR MISSION | is to transform culture’s definition of human worth through
prevention, education, outreach, and restoration. 




  • We've given away over 1,500 gift bags to women working in the sex industry in Los Angeles.

  • We've developed a prevention curriculum for schools in the U.S, educating youth on sex-trafficking.

  • We advocate on behalf of trafficking victims in a variety of settings, including at the United Nations.

  • We host "Kalah", an annual justice conference to educate, advocate, and stand against human trafficking.

  • Since 2012, we have led prevention camps in rural regions of Thailand, reaching over 1,000 at-risk children.

  • Since 2013, our children's center in Thailand has provided services to hundreds of at-risk children.



future goals

  • Launch a rescue and restoration program for victims of human trafficking in Los Angeles.

  • Partner further with law enforcement for rescue operations in Los Angeles County.

  • Establish U.S. safe houses for victims of human trafficking.

  • Provide employment and life skill courses for rescued women.

  • Mobilize our campaign across multiple platforms to expand resources and see the end of human trafficking.



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