Sharon Ngai: Founder

As our Executive Director, Sharon Ngai has been fighting sex slavery since 2007.  Speaking at conferences and workshops from college campuses and the United Nations, her passion to end human trafficking and raise up a generation of  Justice Champions has had immeasurable impact. Sharon has been featured on KAC Media, GodKnowsTV, Faith2Action and other media outlets.

Her speech on "Pornography and Sex-Trafficking" was presented at the Commission on the Status of Women, United Nations before 30 nations. In 2010, Sharon linked arms with Bridges to the Nations in Thailand to ensure that children at risk in traffic prone regions would be protected. Since then, hundreds of Thai children have been reached including women trapped in the sex trade. In addition, Sharon recently launched the Students4Justice Human Trafficking Curriculum in Los Angeles, with topics that include pornography and the objectification of women in culture.

Her greatest passion in this fight is to fuel a generation in prayer for Justice- for the ending of human trafficking, and all forms of exploitation. 

Sharon is a graduate of the University of Southern California and Fuller Seminary. She and her husband,  Jonathan, are Co-Founders of Radiance International, Hollywood House of Prayer.